About Us

Cyber DNA, located in northern New Jersey, is an established data security firm that specializes in Digital Forensic Investigations. While our primary clients are the legal, business and private investigator communities, we also work with anyone that has the need to locate and recover digital data. We have successfully investigated fraud, wrongful dismissal, wrongful death, divorce, medical malpractice, and stalking and harassment cases. The scope of our digital investigations is limited only by the activities of those that utilize a digital device to commit wrongdoing.

In today’s cyber-world of ubiquitous digital communications and highly personal and mobile computing devices, it is critical to properly protect, manage and recover the data that resides on them for the purpose of litigation, business continuity and even to verify the activities of employees and your children. Our certified experts use the latest tools and techniques, and meet the highest industry, military and international standards.

Raymond Cipollini, CISSP®, is the President of Cyber DNA.

Prior to founding Cyber DNA in 2011, Mr. Cipollini was a veteran of the Information Technology industry, with the bulk of his experience in the multi-national Financial Services and Insurance sectors. Mr. Cipollini and his associates have many years of experience in the corporate as well as law enforcement environments, and can utilize their expertise and training to solve your Digital Forensics, Online Investigations and Information Security challenges. Fully insured, all associates and principals are licensed, accredited and certified in their respective areas of expertise.

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