Data Recovery

Data recovery from mobile devices

iPhone / Smart Phone Data Extraction

Is your iPhone or Smart Phone locked or “Disabled”? Are your valuable family photos stored on your mobile device with no backups? We have the ability to unlock, recover or reset the passcode that protects the contents of your smart phone to gain access to your information. We can extract or recover your chats, text messages, e-mails, photos and other files even if they have been deleted. Our tools can also help you determine who, how often, and what methods of communications your children, spouse or employees are using on a daily basis. We can also find the Social Media applications that are hidden from the view of standard controls, and users.

Lost/Forgotten Passwords

You’ve lost a “key employee” and now you discover that critical company files or other computing resources have been password protected or encrypted, without your knowledge or authorization. Or, you have used a password on a computer that is now lost or forgotten over time. Have you lost that information or access to it forever? Not necessarily. Our certified experts can, in most circumstances, recover the lost information or regain control of the “password protected” or encrypted asset.

Data and File Recovery

Very often, the Operating System of a device will render the space occupied by a file as “useable” by another process or file, rather than actually deleting the file or the data that it contains. In this instance, it is often possible to recover the information. Hard drives and other media that have been “formatted” may also be able to be recovered. Your deleted data may not be gone forever, just hiding and unavailable to you via standard processes. Following an incident such as a natural disaster, or even the purposeful destruction of devices, the actual information contained on the device may still be recovered. We have the tools necessary to find and recover data from most of the currently available digital media.