Services for Private Investigators

services for private investigators

Family & Matrimonial Matters

Whether it’s a divorce proceeding or a spousal or child abuse case, a digital forensics examination of your digital devices can unlock the evidence needed to prove or disprove stated claims. The ease, speed and uninhibited nature of text based communications can reveal the true nature and motives of the involved parties. Text based messages and photographic images can often tell the true and complete story in support of your case or to refute opposition. Unlike other communication channels, wireless carriers and Internet Service Providers have a short retention period (if any) for text based messages, so the only evidence available may need to be recovered from the smart/cell phone or tablet/computer.  Today’s high capacity, sophisticated devices may contain years of available information even if it has been previously deleted or destroyed.

Harassment & Stalking

Electronic harassment and e-stalking are relatively new but growing crimes. In most cases, the evidence of an electronic stalker can be captured from the victim’s digital devices, even if it has been deleted from online applications and Social Media platforms. Also, in cases where an aggressor has physical access to a victim’s smartphones and computers, it is possible that “monitoring” or “spyware” applications may be present and in use.  We can determine if such applications are present, and document unauthorized access as well as possible criminal activities.

Loss Prevention

Thefts of commercial goods and resources are increasing at an alarming rate. In addition, the wrongdoers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods of attack as well as covering their tracks. A digital forensics investigator can help find the needle in the haystack, or even demonstrate the digital relationship between the known and unknown actors. Many wrongdoers also like to “memorialize” their activities through the use of video, photographs and text messages. All of these bits of information can be used to provide the necessary evidence for both internal investigations as well as criminal prosecution. Many smart phones also collect “geo-location” data as the owner moves from one location to another, often without their knowledge. All of this information can be used to put your suspect in the right location, at the right time, doing the miss-deeds for which (s)he is being investigated. A digital investigator can also locate the existence of unauthorized corporate information such as files, e-mails, documents and other materials on computers, laptops, tablets and storage media.